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Entry Requirements/Pre-Requisites

Candidates undertaking this course must either be experienced oil operatives, ACS qualified or carry Plumbing level 2 or 3 with proof of relevant experience working with an OFTEC registered engineer.

PLEASE NOTE: Proof of previous qualifications will be required prior to the start of the course.

Materials Required / Provided

Candidates will need up-to-date OFTEC Books 1, 2, 3, 4 & Domestic heating design guide, these are mandatory and will be supplied by the training centre. If you are sitting re-assessment please bring your own books with you or you may not be able to attend the course.

OFT10 -101

Servicing and commissioning pressure jet appliances up to 70kW

OFT10 -105E

Appliance and central heating systems installation

OFT10 – 600A

Oil storage tanks and supply


  • Safety requirements
  • Building Regulations
  • Types of oil and their identification
  • Steel and thermoplastic oil storage
  • Fuel feed pipe work
  • System design including Part L1 of the Building Regulations
  • Thermostatic controls
  • Location of oil tanks
  • Completing an oil tank risk assessment
  • Gauges and overfill alarms
  • Oil contamination problems
  • Location of oil boilers
  • Maintenance of boilers
  • Oil burners
  • Selection of nozzles
  • British Standards
  • Ventilation
  • Flues
  • Commissioning domestic oil boilers
  • Using electronic combustion analysers